"sugary & sweet - you can almost taste it"

Domino Sugars Sign at Sunrise - Open Edition Print
Photographed early on a winter morning while walking around Baltimore's Harborview marina. The sunrise was just above the horizon and the air just brisk enough to make for a stunning play of light between the sky and the smoke from the Domino Sugar factory. If you have ever walked past this location during sugar refinement, you know what I mean when I say that the air had that super sweet sugary vibe.

A metallic based paper was chosen for this print to add a beautiful vibrant shimmer to the sunrise tones. The screen does not do justice to how good these colors look in person.

Vibrant Metallic Finish:
Printed on super long lasting photographic paper with a metallic base that adds a shimmer and vibrant colors. Prints have a longevity of over 100 years.

This print is 12"x18" full bleed.


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